Fashion, style, trends, design. A reference point for a careful, exclusive style, never predictable. Caffè Moda Rinaldi takes its cue from the past to imagine the future. Modernism and vintage are sources of inspiration and reflection. Caffè Moda Rinaldi is CONTINUE RESEARCH. Observation and perpetual analysis to always offer trendy items, sought-after fabrics and materials, historic companies and innovative styles. Travel is an important research tool. Berlin, Paris, Milan, Florence, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai are the destinations of continuous "explorations". Paths that lead to discover new brands. "Walks" that allow you to perceive changing trends. The observation of ordinary people is a source of inspiration. The ability to capture trends, the original contamination of the road. The interweaving of the cultures that use and reinterpret the fashion of the runways. In a word, street view.

Design is a point of reference. It is the moment in which past and future meet. Merger between art and concreteness. For Caffè Moda Rinaldi design is a distinctive trait, the indelible mark that has accompanied all the evolutions of the store. Some of these objects full of personality are on sale at Caffè Moda Rinaldi. You can buy important pieces of furniture. But also small design objects, to make your everyday life unique.

A space, but above all a concept, an idea. The small bar inside Caffè Moda Rinaldi is the place of time. A corner where there are no urgencies, dedicated only to the pleasure of a break, a chat, an encounter.

The bar has been an integral part of the store since its inception in 1986. An innovative touch and concrete image of a new way of conceiving the relationship with the customer. Not just an unusual area, but the symbol of a new philosophy, which inspired the work, the name and the very image of Caffè Moda Rinaldi. Offering a good coffee is a way to cuddle and listen.

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