Caffè Moda Rinaldi:
style, fashion, design, culture, avant-garde.

The passion for fashion, fabrics and vintage are the engine that gave birth to Caffè Moda Rinaldi, in 1986. To inspire the name is a trip to Paris and a stop at the "Cafè de Flore". The small Parisian café also suggests the "futuristic" idea of ​​placing a corner bar in the shop to welcome customers as friends.

Since its inception, the identity of the store is closely linked to research, vintage and modernism. A strong and unmistakable identity. Over time the store has undergone various extensions and restyling because it wants to be, always, a trendy place, a source of inspiration for those who visit it. Design elements, designer lamps, collectible furniture mix with the ability to invent new uses for objects of other times. The furniture of an old tobacconist is used as a central counter, still present today. In one of the restyling lighting is made with the headlights of a decommissioned cinema. Today the store is inspired by the '60s and' 70s. A "wall" of old television sets reminds us of a world in black and white. Yesterday's TV still lives where to watch funny film clips to observe the world and its irony, to experience the magic of a laugh.

A shop, but above all a reference point for fashion and design in Foligno. Study, research, contaminations and vintage. These are the buzzwords that, today as yesterday, push Caffè Moda Rinaldi to always look beyond compliance and explore new languages.

Once upon a time there is still a place where the avant-gardes and trends meet history and create the culture of getting dressed to communicate.

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